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Septs (associated names) of Stewart

Cook, Crookshanks, Cruickshanks, Duilach, France, Francis, Garrow, Jameson, Jamieson, Lombard, Lorne, Maccamie, Maccloy, Macglashan, Mackirdy, Macmichael, Macmunn, Macmutrie, Moodie, Munn, Sharp, Stuart


Discover the royal Stuarts, a noble family that ascended from humble beginnings as Clan Stewart to become a Scottish dynasty. The clan originally took their name from the office of High Steward of Scotland, which was held by their ancestors. With the passage of time, the spelling of their name shifted from 'Stewart' to 'Stuart,' symbolizing their French connections and their ascension in status.

Our collection of landscape photography prints showcases locations that hold profound significance in the story of the Stuarts. From the hilltop heights of Castle Gloom, one of their earliest strongholds, to the formidable Doune Castle and the iconic Castle Stalker, each print reveals a part of their intriguing story.

Following their ascension to ultimate power in Scotland, the Stuarts took control of Edinburgh and Stirling Castles, stunning fortresses that are emblematic of the Scottish crown. Lochranza Castle, a testament to the Stuarts' presence on the Isle of Arran.

As they solidified their status, not just as royalty, but as a lasting dynasty, the Stuarts indulged in the pleasures of regality. Falkland Palace, their lavish retreat, stands as a testament to this transition. This grand structure symbolises a time of opulence and the Stuarts' embracement of the lavish lifestyle befitting a dynasty. Each print provides a unique insight into the complex past of the Stuarts and resonates with the inherent beauty of Scotland. Our prints offer a window into their past, adding a touch of Scotland's beauty to your home.

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