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Septs (associated names) of Douglas

Agnew, Blacklock, Blackstock, Blakwood, Blalock, Brown,
Brownlee, Cavan, Cavers, Dickey, Drysdale, Forest, Forrester,
Foster, Gilpatrick, Glendinning, Glenn, Inglis, Kilgore,
Kilpatrick, Kirkland, Kirkpatrick, Lockerby, Lockery, MacGuffey,
MacGuffock, McKittrick, Morton, Sandilands, Sandlin, Soule,
Sterrett, Symington, Troup, Young


Discover Clan Douglas, one of Scotland's most influential families, whose dominance spread across vast regions of the country. Their rich and tumultuous history is etched into the landscapes from Dumfries & Galloway to East Lothian and beyond. Their legacy echoes through majestic castles such as Bothwell, Douglas, Drumlanrig, Hermitage, Tantallon, and Threave, standing as testaments to their considerable power. Explore the wide reach and remarkable legacy of Clan Douglas through these striking scenes. Our prints offer a window into their past, adding a touch of Scotland's beauty to your home.

Clan Douglas Wall Prints

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