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Septs (associated names) of Mackay

Bain, Maccay, Maccrie, Macghee, Macghie, Mackee, Macquey, Macquoid, Macvail, Morgan, Pollard, Polson, Scobie, Williamson


Discover Clan Mackay, a formidable name from the farthest reaches of Scotland's north. Their influence once extended across the harshest, yet most captivating, landscapes known as Strathnaver. Our selection of landscape photography prints celebrates their indelible mark on history. Explore the lofty Castle Varrich, the atmospheric ruins of Dirlot Castle, the uniquely charming Balnakeil House, and Moine House, a symbol of resilient Highland homesteads. Our prints offer a window into their past, adding a touch of Scotland's beauty to your home.

Clan Mackay Wall Prints

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