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Septs (associated names) of MacGregor

 Black, Bowers, Bowmaker, Brewer, Caird, Comrie, Dochart, Docharty, Gregorson, Gregory, Greig, Grewar, Grier, Grigor, Gruer, Leckie, Lecky, Macadam, Macara, Macaree, Macchoiter, Macconachie, Maccrouther, Macgrewar, Macgrowther, Macgruder, Macgruther, Macilduy, Macleister, Macliver, Macnee, Macneish, Macney, Macnie, Macnish, Macpetrie, Malloch, Neish, Nish, Peterkin, Petrie, Skinner, Stringer, White, Whyte


Discover our powerful imagery of Clan MacGregor's ancestral lands in our collection. From Glenstrae, wrapped in mist - a nod to their nickname, 'Children of the Mist', to Balquhidder - a crucial setting in Rob Roy MacGregor's dramatic life. Our Balquhidder waterfall print captures a tranquillity that's stood the test of time since his era. Lastly, our print of Kilchurn Castle reveals a stark reminder of Clan Campbell's usurpation of MacGregor lands during the period of MacGregor's proscription, a historical act of banning the clan and name, a fate that Clan MacGregor unfortunately met, resulting in the loss of their lands and rights. Our prints offer a window into their past, adding a touch of Scotland's beauty to your home.

Clan MacGregor Wall Prints

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