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Septs (associated names) of Ross

Corbet, Dingwall, Duthie, Fair, Gillanders, Haggart, Maclulich, Mactaggart, Mactear, Mactier, Mactire, Taggart, Train, Vass, Wass


Discover the dual origins of Clan Ross, hailing from both the North and South of Scotland. The northern branch of Clan Ross, named after the Highland region they once ruled as their earldom, established Balnagown Castle in Easter Ross as their stronghold and ancestral home. Meanwhile, the southern branch, with roots in Yorkshire, found their footing at Portencross Castle in North Ayrshire. Our landscape photography prints illuminate these key locations. Our prints offer a window into their past, adding a touch of Scotland's enduring beauty to your home.

Clan Ross Wall Prints

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