The Story of Clanscape: Bringing Together Scottish Art and Heritage

Behind the Lens

Hello and welcome to Clanscape! I'm Aly Wight, the founder and principal photographer. Clanscape is a heartfelt project that aims to connect people with their Scottish heritage through the power of photography. So far, the project has taken me the length and breadth of Scotland to capture historically significant locations tied to over 100 Scottish clans.

How It All Began

I've always been drawn to the rugged beauty of Scotland's landscapes and the rich tapestry of its history. While balancing a career in commercial photography and film in Edinburgh, I'd often escape to the Scottish Highlands whenever I could.

The real spark for Clanscape, however, came from something much closer to home—family stories and a trip to the far north of Scotland, to Caithness.
Growing up, my mum would share enthralling tales of our Highland ancestors—Gunns, MacGregors, MacDonalds, and Nicholsons. It's quite the colourful lineage! When I visited Caithness, the landscapes were so awe-inspiring that I felt an immediate connection to my Clan Gunn roots. Capturing that moment in a photograph and framing it for my mum planted the seed for what would become Clanscape.

The journey didn't stop there. I went on to explore Stirlingshire and Argyll, delving into my dad's MacGregor heritage, and then ventured to the Isles of Islay and Skye to investigate the MacDonald and Nicholson sides of the family. As the prints began to fill the walls of my flat in Edinburgh, I realised that seeing these significant places every day gave me a grounded feeling of belonging. That's when I knew this was an idea worth sharing.

The Clanscape Mission

Initially, Clanscape was a way to explore my own family's rich Scottish heritage. But as I delved deeper, I realised the potential to expand this into a project that could represent the heritage of every Scottish clan. With over 350 recognised clans in Scotland, the sheer scale of research, mapping, planning, and travel was daunting. For a while, the project took a back seat—until 2020 turned our lives upside down. That year, life gave us lemons, and I decided to make lemonade. Suddenly, I had the time to fully immerse myself in this ambitious project. It was the push I needed to take Clanscape off the back burner and bring it to life.

Every photo in the Clanscape collection comes from a place of deep research and careful planning. I've always felt it's important to understand the history behind each location before trying to capture its essence. My aim isn't just to create visually pleasing images; it's to tell a story and offer a backdrop for people's imaginations. In each photo, I'm trying to share not just what I saw but also what I felt, hoping it might resonate with people who care about their Scottish heritage.

Clanscape is my love letter to Scotland—a way to share its beauty and complex history through each carefully captured image. The project has deepened my understanding and connection with Scotland, and that’s something I want to share with others.

Sustainability Matters

We're committed to preserving both cultural and environmental heritage. Our materials and practices are earth-friendly, from toxin-free inks to carbon-neutral delivery.

Your Say

We're just getting started; so far, we represent 100 clans. We'd like to keep adding to that, and your input can help shape the future of Clanscape. If you're hunting for a specific clan or castle and can't find it, we want to hear from you.

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