Best Questions To Ask Relatives For Your Scottish Ancestry Research

Article by: Aly Wight


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Discovering your family history is exciting. It's all about asking the right questions to your relatives. This guide will help you get started with simple questions that bring big answers that kickstart your Scottish ancestry research.

Getting Started

  • If you're not sure how to interview relatives, read this guide first: How to Interview Your Relatives About Your Scottish Family History.
  • Start with grandparents or great grandparents, if you're lucky enough to still have them in your life, for stories that go back generations.
  • If you've started one, show them your family tree to fill gaps in your Scottish ancestry research and tease out stories as you go. If you need help with a family tree read this guide: How To Make A Family Tree: To Trace Your Scottish Heritage
  • Talk to as many relatives as you can to piece together your past and verify details from multiple sources.
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💡Before you start! Make sure you ask relatives if anyone else has started a family tree or Scottish ancestry research project. You could have a foundation to build on and maybe even someone to collaborate with!

Questions You Should Ask For Scottish Ancestry Research

Start With The Basics

  • Who were their parents?
  • What Scottish region were they from?
  • Where did they live? 

Build A Profile

  • What was their occupation?
  • Where did they work?
  • What school did they attend?
  • Did they attend university?
  • Did they serve in the military?
  • Did they worship at a church?
  • Did they ever live, work or travel abroad?

Family & Connections

  • Were they married?
  • When and where did they marry?
  • What was the name of their spouse?
  • When and where did their spouse die?
  • Did they marry more than once?
  • Did they have children?
  • What were their children's names?
  • Did their children marry?
  • Where did or do their children live?
  • Where and when did their children die?

Bonus Details

  • Did they have a middle name or nickname?
  • What was the cause of their death?
  • Where were they buried?
  • Do you have any letters, records or heirlooms about them?
  • Do you have any photographs or newspaper clippings of them?
  • Do you know anything about their physical appearance or accent?
  • What stories can you tell me about them?
  • Has anyone in the family already created a family tree?

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