10 Tips to Care For Old Photos

Old photos are our links to our past, carrying stories and memories of loved ones and treasured moments. These fragile pieces of family history require careful handling to preserve them. Here are some steps to ensure you protect your family collection:

  1. Use Gloves: Keep photos clean by wearing gloves. This stops oils from your hands from getting on the pictures.
  2. Flat Support: Don’t pick up photos by the edges. Keep them flat or support from underneath to avoid damage.
  3. Avoid Sunlight: Sun can fade photos. Keep them away from direct light to protect their colours.
  4. Gentle Handling: Need to move a photo? Use something flat like a spatula to lift it carefully without harm.
  5. Store Right: Put photos in acid-free albums or boxes. A cool, dry spot is best to prevent aging.
  6. Go Digital: Make digital copies to share. This keeps the originals safe from being handled too much.
  7. Ask Experts: If photos are already damaged, talk to a professional. They know the best ways to fix them.
  8. Keep Them Dry: Moist places like basements or attics can ruin photos. Store them in a dry area instead.
  9. No Food or Drinks: Eating or drinking near photos can cause spills and stains. Best to keep them separate.
  10. Label Carefully: Use a pencil to mark photos on the back. Ink pens can bleed through and damage them.
Keeping old photos safe doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a few simple steps can make sure they last for more generations to enjoy.
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